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Posted 3/16/11 (Wed)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tis’ a fine time of the year, laddie, and I hope this day finds you well! Spring is in the air. Water starting to make its way to the creek. Hills are starting to peek out. And the Irish are celebrating, because that is what they do.
I’m not Irish, but being married to a Murphy, I quickly adopted their love for an occasional pint and a good story. Grandpa Jack loved a good story, and an occasional pint. So much so, that in his later years while a resident of the Hilltop in Killdeer, on St. Patrick’s Day, Grandpa called the Buckskin Bar and ordered a keg of beer, a pitcher, and some green dye be delivered to the nursing home so the residents could celebrate in fashion! He often said, “The Good Lord invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the earth.”
Which reminds me of a story.
Paddy had applied for a job at a brewery just outside Dublin. It was the same brewery where his brother had worked years ago. Remember, I told you about him. He was the one that fell in the vat full of beer and drowned. Remember? When Sean went to his house to inform his wife that Doolin had drowned, she asked if “he had suffered?” Sean informed her that he “didn’t think so, because he had gotten out three times to pee.”
Anyway, Paddy applied for this job. At the same time, an American applied for the job. Well, the manager, when going through their applications, determined that they had the exact same qualifications. He decided that since they were so even, he would have to give them a written test. Paddy and the American quickly agreed to take a twenty-question test.
Lo and behold, again, a tie! They both had nineteen correct answers on the test. Paddy was thoroughly disgusted when the American was awarded the position and Paddy was dismissed.
Later, that evening, in O’Brien’s Pub, Paddy confronted the manager.
“How could you give the American that job when we both missed only one question on the test?” he inquired. “Being an Irishman, I was sure I would get the job.”
“Paddy, it was just the way the question you missed was answered. The American wrote down that he “did not know the answer.” And you wrote down “Neither do I!”
And to you, laddie, “May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.”