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Posted 10/25/16 (Tue)

I’m not much of a hunter. Unless you count looking for my hearing aids, glasses, cows, calves, or the leftover roast beef. I mean I don’t go out and hunt often.
Oh, I used to. I’ve hunted deer, elk, sharptails, ducks, geese, coyotes, rabbits, pheasant, and maybe some others that I don’t dare mention. I’m not sure on the statute of limitations.
But dang, as I’ve gotten older, I just don’t have much desire to shoot anything. I guess I’ve spent too much time trying to keep animals alive. But that’s just me.
But I do enjoy hunting season! I enjoy having friends and relatives who have an opportunity to hunt and visit a bit. I enjoy watching a good dog working. Whether it’s recovering a pheasant, duck, treeing a raccoon or cat, or working sheep or cattle.
But mostly I enjoy the friendship.
For example, we have some friends who’ve often hunted on our land for decades. A couple of them are getting long in the tooth, but they manage to round up a few younger guys and come back every year.
They come from Colorado, Minneapolis, Fargo, Bismarck, and sometimes California or Nevada. We treat them to a spot to hunt, a cold beer, and a good visit. Filled with rodeo and ranch stories.
This year they had one CEO from Colorado. I suppose he was in his 70s. He had played basketball for NDSU in the early or mid-60s.
It’s not often you can have an impromptu deck party in late October in North Dakota, but Saturday was one of those days.
These gentlemen had finished their hunt and we had reservations for supper at six. So we had four or five hours to kill before they treated us to a nice steak supper at The Crossing.
So I raided the fridge and happened across some refreshments. It didn’t take much persuasion to get a good deck party going.
Now I’ve been leaving before daylight the last two weeks to gather cattle near Twin Buttes. I’ve been saddling in the dark and unsaddling in late afternoon.
As we told our ranch and rodeo stories, this CEO informs me that in Wyoming “they had real cowboys!”
I think his exact words were, “In Wyoming they have real cowboys. They wear hats and ride even when it’s cold and the wind is blowing. I’ve seen them!”
Have you ever seen a CEO wearing a beer? You should have been here.

Hunt safe,