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Posted 3/21/18 (Wed)


I’ve told you about my friend that is worse around the house than I? You know, the one that complained because none of the businesses were open on Sunday and he needed his solid oak doors sawed off because he had put in a new carpet and the doors drug on the floor.
And since nothing was open, he was upset and sawed the doors off himself. Which would have been all right if he had a carpeted ceiling, because he sawed the top off. He does have a struggle.
We were out for supper one night last week with some friends. See, I do take Shirley out. Actually, she insisted I go, and she took me. Over supper and drinks, we were visiting about husbands that are more of a nuisance than help around the house. My name frequently came up.  
But I heard of a guy that is much, much worse than I could ever be.
This rancher had bought his wife a new fridge for Christmas. He bought it from one of the good, reputable dealers here in town. This guy lives about 70 miles from town and had the fridge delivered and installed. It was a fancy one with water and ice dispensers in the door.  
Upon installation, they visited and had coffee and made sure everything was in working order. The wife was ecstatic. Women are like that about new appliances I guess. It worked wonderfully.
Four days later, the dang thing quit. Well, it didn’t quit, but the door would not latch. The rancher would close the door and it would spring open.  
Now this guy is upset. This had cost several hundred dollars, had a five-year warranty, and didn’t last five days!  
The rancher picked up the phone, called the appliance store and demanded his money back or a new fridge. When he finished swearing, the manager explained he would have someone there bright and early the next morning.
Terry, the appliance fixer, arrived just after daylight. The rancher hovered over him while Terry went to work on the fridge.  
He opened the door, looked things over very thoroughly, and calmly turned a tray of leftover lasagna sideways. The door smoothly shut and sealed.
The bill was $200 with mileage and labor.