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N.D. House approves bill for rural water to McKenzie County

Many McKenzie County residents are still waiting for rural water to run through their faucets, but if the Legislature passes HB 1206, the water could be flowing a lot sooner.

Posted 3/09/11 (Wed)read more »

Giving failing students a helping hand

With a continually growing drop-out rate, school administration at Watford City High School decided it was time to do something to help more of its students to succeed.

Posted 3/02/11 (Wed)read more »

City Council terminates city engineer

Posted 3/02/11 (Wed)read more »

Arnegard Spuds to be honored for winning 1961 State Class C Basketball Crown

They were referred to as the little basketball team with a big heart, and they were credited with pulling off the biggest sports upset of the year in 1961, when the Arnegard Spuds beat Crary, 64-59 to become the 1961 North Dakota State Class C Champions.

Posted 3/02/11 (Wed)read more »

Winter storms impacting school district’s test exemption policy

With all of the snowstorms that have kept school buses from running so far this winter, McKenzie County Public School District No. 1 school board members were informed on Monday, Feb. 15 that the district is struggling to keep its test exemption policy fair to all students.

Posted 2/23/11 (Wed)read more »

Kelly honored by AHA for leadership in promoting healthcare

Dan Kelly, McKenzie County Healthcare Systems (MCHS) CEO has been named the 2010 Grassroots Champion for North Dakota.

Posted 2/23/11 (Wed)read more »

Housing continues to be a concern

Recent studies and observations show that McKenzie County is in need of housing. A problem that has been ongoing.

Posted 2/16/11 (Wed)read more »

Hanson resigns as county auditor

After less than a month in her position, Jodi L. Hanson tendered her resignation as the McKenzie County Auditor, effective for the term that would begin April 1, 2011.

Posted 2/16/11 (Wed)read more »

Police Dept. adds two new officers

With a growing number of residents, the Watford City City Council and the Watford City Chief of Police decided it was time to add another police officer to the department.

Posted 2/16/11 (Wed)read more »

Grazing Assoc. has beef with new pasture requirement

A new U.S. Forest Service scoping document that would create a new requirement for high grass structure on three pastures of the Little Missouri National Grasslands has members of the McKenzie County Grazing Association up in arms over potential grazing cuts.

Posted 2/09/11 (Wed)read more »

Watford City to host annexation open house

During the Dec. 13 meeting of the Watford City City Council, it was approved to add just over 700 acres to Watford City through annexation. The annexation will include tracts of property to the north, south, east and west of the current Watford City city limits.

Posted 2/09/11 (Wed)read more »

City, school fight to receive more oil revenue

Watford City is located smack in the middle of an oil boom, and unless you’ve experienced the good and the bad of it, it’s difficult to understand why city and school district officials are fighting to keep more of the oil tax revenues here in Watford City.

Posted 2/02/11 (Wed)read more »

Wildlife struggle through third hard winter in a row

It may sound like a broken record, but North Dakota’s weather in February and March will once again be critical to the health of the state’s wildlife populations, with McKenzie County being no exception.

Posted 2/02/11 (Wed)read more »

Ice dams can cause structural damage and make messes

In North Dakota, winter isn’t thought of as a rainy season, but for some area home and business owners, last week’s above average temperatures had it raining indoors. The problem of the indoor moisture caused by ice dams on the roofs.

Posted 2/02/11 (Wed)read more »

Drovdal working to ensure funding for oil impacted areas

After serving in the North Dakota Legislature for the past nine legislative sessions, David Drovdal, District 39 Representative and North Dakota Speaker of the House, knows that things don’t happen fast in the North Dakota Legislature, nor do they always follow what some people would think of as the most logical path.

Posted 1/26/11 (Wed)read more »

City’s sales tax helps fuel economic development

It’s hard to believe that a penny could go very far, but for the Watford City Roughrider Fund, the pennies have added up, making Watford City and its surrounding communities a great place to live.

Posted 1/26/11 (Wed)read more »

City needs $18 million in infrastructure improvements

The growth of a city doesn’t come without significant financial cost.

Posted 1/19/11 (Wed)read more »

School enrollment numbers continue to rise

When school started last August, it came as no surprise to school faculty that there were a lot of new students. The surprise for some teachers and parents is just beginning to surface as the number of new students continues to grow at a steady pace for some county schools.

Posted 1/19/11 (Wed)read more »

A growing community has 911 dispatchers stretched to the max

With the county growing at an unusually rapid pace, many offices and departments are continually getting busier without any slowdown in sight. Area law enforcement and emergency personnel are firsthand witnesses to just how busy the county has become.

Posted 1/19/11 (Wed)read more »

City’s crime on the rise

Watford City’s population is growing, and with the increase in residents, the Watford City Police Department has also noticed an increase in crime.

Posted 1/12/11 (Wed)read more »