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City prods electric suppliers to reach service agreement

MDU, McKenzie Electric have until April 24 to create area service agreement

Posted 4/17/13 (Wed)read more »

Foundation to funnel donations to school district

Watford City High School Alumni Scholarship Fund and the North Dakota Community Foundation to funnel donations to school district

Posted 4/11/13 (Thu)read more »

County leads state in traffic fatalities

Nine people have died in vehicle accidents since beginning of the year

Posted 4/10/13 (Wed)read more »

Watford third grader is city’s “Mayor for a Day”

Being the mayor of Watford City is not easy for many reasons. But perhaps the job would be easier without the constraints of adult life and adult rules.

Posted 4/10/13 (Wed)read more »

Funding, roads top forum topics

Taking care of the immediate needs of the state, as well as providing additional state funding for oil-impacted counties in northwestern North Dakota are the two main issues facing the North Dakota Legislature this session.

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)read more »

Dealing with tons of trash

County landfill sees collections jump from 20 tons/day to 350 tons/day

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)read more »

Doing more with less

Use of pad wells allow oil companies to drill more wells with fewer rigs

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)read more »

Fire site closed due to possible contamination

State finds cyanide present at site

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)read more »

County zone plan approved

New zoning ordinances will become effective April 26

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed)read more »

Watford City property owners to see increase in taxable values

With property values escalating in Watford City so are taxable valuations

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed)read more »

New Census numbers don’t tell us much

City, county officials say lag in data results in misleading numbers

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed)read more »

A most unexpected gift

Holms donate $100,000 to ambulance service

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed)read more »

Fire destroys business

A structure fire at Steve’s Sprayfoam Insulation, located at the junction of 12th Street Southeast and 11th Avenue Southeast, caused quite a scene on the morning of Tuesday, March 12.

Posted 3/20/13 (Wed)read more »

Rankin resigns as sheriff

Effective July 1, 2013, Ron Rankin will officially retire as McKenzie County Sheriff and bring to a close his long career in the field of law enforcement.

Posted 3/20/13 (Wed)read more »

Squeezing in one more classroom

With the number of projected students entering the Watford City Elementary School hitting the highest numbers in recent history, the McKenzie County School District No. 1 school board has decided that it has to try to squeeze one more classroom into a new addition that is scheduled to open this fall.

Posted 3/20/13 (Wed)read more »

Mega-producers spark interest in Banks Field

McKenzie County wells that are producing nearly 5,000 barrels a day have industry excited

Posted 3/20/13 (Wed)read more »

City tells MDU, McKenzie Electric to work together

Electric utilities told to provide city with service area map

Posted 3/13/13 (Wed)read more »

Two Watford City teens killed, one injured in collision with semi

Two Watford City teenagers were killed and a third teenager was severely injured in a two-vehicle accident that occurred at 1:04 p.m. on Tuesday, March 3 west of Watford City on U.S. Highway 85.

Posted 3/13/13 (Wed)read more »

Council: Time is not right for golf course expansion

The plans for a nine-hole expansion of the Fox Hills Golf Course & Country Club in Watford City that would use a PILOT (payment in lieu of tax) program to pay for the expansion ran into some serious concerns from members of the Watford City City Council at last Monday’s city council meeting.

Posted 3/13/13 (Wed)read more »

Math whiz kids

W.C.H.S. MathCounts team wins State championship

Posted 3/13/13 (Wed)read more »