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Watford residents to see higher water, sewer and garbage rates

Starting Jan. 1, 2012, residents and business owners will see rate increases for all of their city utility charges.

Posted 12/21/11 (Wed)read more »

City Council looks at revamping comprehensive plan

Less than a year after Watford City received a $13 million grant from the State of North Dakota to improve its water and sewer service into its one-mile Extraterritorial Zone (ETA), the city is already looking at the possibility of growing even more to accommodate new growth.

Posted 12/14/11 (Wed)read more »

Quilting for a good reason

The Quilting Guild of McKenzie County is made up of women throughout the community that love to quilt! But even more than quilting, they share a joy of community.

Posted 12/14/11 (Wed)read more »

City closes Civic Center showers for public use

It’s a shame when something is made available to the public for a specific purpose and the negligent behavior of a few ruins everyone’s opportunity to take advantage of it.

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Bad debt spoils a great year for healthcare system

In spite of seeing a record number of patients in the clinic, the emergency room and in the hospital, the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems is struggling financially.

Posted 12/07/11 (Wed)read more »

Opportunities abound to share during Christmas

McKenzie County is full of people who believe ‘it is better to give than to receive.’

Posted 12/07/11 (Wed)read more »

A hero among us

Welcome to the McKenzie County Farmer’s new series, Faces of the Patch.

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Stocked up for the holidays

People love Christmas for many different reasons, and though it seems full of distractions that seek to take away the holiday spirit, for most people, Christmas wins out in the end.

Posted 11/30/11 (Wed)read more »

County residents divided on zoning

When it comes to seeing the need for the McKenzie County Commissioners to enact county-wide land use planning and zoning, county residents appear to be deeply divided.

Posted 11/30/11 (Wed)read more »

Answering the call

t is easy to see how quickly the face of McKenzie County is changing, especially when it affects many facets of daily living (traffic, housing, crime, etc.).

Posted 11/30/11 (Wed)read more »

Officials celebrate completion of Super 2 of Highway 85

“This is a great occasion,” stated North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple. “It’s an event worthy of celebrating.”

Posted 11/23/11 (Wed)read more »

Food Pantry spreads Thanksgiving cheer

With the holiday season just around the corner, McKenzie County residents are busy making plans and preparations.

Posted 11/23/11 (Wed)read more »

No end in sight for fuel shortage

Believe it or not, America’s biggest oil-producing oil patch has been experiencing a fuel shortage for the last four months.

Posted 11/23/11 (Wed)read more »

Look out or the Masque & Gavel Drama Club will tie you up

What would you do if a train was barreling down the tracks and you were tied down in its path?

Posted 11/16/11 (Wed)read more »

Ground broken for $5.4 million Wellness Center

“This is a community that did it,” proudly stated Dan Kelly, CEO of the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems as ground was officially broken for the $5.4 million Connie Wold Wellness Center on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Posted 11/16/11 (Wed)read more »

Clean your closet and clothe the kids at The Sharing Clothes Line

If you have a pile of clothes that your kids have out-grown or do not like anymore, then this is the event for you! The Sharing Clothes Line is a non-profit event aimed at making the most of our kids’ closets.

Posted 11/16/11 (Wed)read more »

More power coming on line

Providing reliable electric power to their customers has always been Job No. 1 for McKenzie Electric Cooperative.

Posted 11/09/11 (Wed)read more »

Zoning talks to resume

After the July 5 meeting on zoning in McKenzie County ended in a stalemate, with a ‘wait and see’ policy, talks of zoning in McKenzie County have again resurfaced.

Posted 11/09/11 (Wed)read more »

Navy veteran was a Pearl Harbor survivor

Growing up southwest of Alexander as a young boy, Stanley Robinson had never heard of Pearl Harbor.

Posted 11/09/11 (Wed)read more »

County purchases mobile homes to ease housing issues for new employees

After exploring every avenue, McKenzie County commissioners decide that purchasing housing is the best solution

Posted 11/02/11 (Wed)read more »