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72 apartment units planned for Watford

Progressive Commercial Development, an Oregon-based company hopes that its plans for 72 apartment units will not only help with the area’s rental shortage, but the company also hopes to offer the apartments at an affordable market value.

Posted 1/05/11 (Wed)read more »

Social Services struggles to deal with a dramatic caseload increase

County office sees big increase in child protection, foster care cases

Posted 12/29/10 (Wed)read more »

Watford City to host family friendly New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve can be a fun time, but it can also be a scary time, especially for parents. However, one Watford City group has decided to make this New Year’s Eve a little safer for everyone.

Posted 12/29/10 (Wed)read more »

Watford City on pace for record snow

Area’s snow total already stands at a record 48.9 inches

Posted 12/29/10 (Wed)read more »

Study says Watford to grow to 2,655 people

It is apparent that there is a housing shortage in Watford City and several other communities in western North Dakota. However, a recently completed housing study is being viewed as a good tool for Watford City.

Posted 12/22/10 (Wed)read more »

Living for today, inspiring for tomorrow

What does it mean to have a heart of gold? If it means going above and beyond the call of duty in everything that you do, while always keeping a smile on your face and thinking of others’ needs before your own, then Kathy Skarda is definitely worthy of the 2010 Heart of Gold Award.

Posted 12/22/10 (Wed)read more »

County Treasurer’s office offers vehicle title service

Purchasing a vehicle is an exciting time, but waiting to receive the title to your new purchase can be a daunting task. But that daunting task is going to be much easier if you make your vehicle purchase in McKenzie County.

Posted 12/15/10 (Wed)read more »

City police arrest two men on drug charges

Following a tip by an anonymous citizen, two men were arrested on drug charges near a Watford City business on Monday, Dec. 6.

Posted 12/15/10 (Wed)read more »

Fire prevention is key for people living in campers this winter

With hundreds of campers in the area and lots of cold weather ahead, the Watford City Fire Department is concerned about the number of fire dangers associated with living in a camper during the winter.

Posted 12/15/10 (Wed)read more »

Opinions mixed on city’s snow removal efforts

With more than 15 inches of snow falling in November, it’s obvious that snow removal has been on the minds of Watford City city workers as well as Watford City residents. However, the thoughts of the two groups are very different.

Posted 12/08/10 (Wed)read more »

Choir to present Christmas cantata

The First Lutheran Choir is ready to help stir up your Christmas memories with its annual Christmas cantata, ‘Winter’s Grace,’ A Cantata for Christmas by Joseph M. Martin.

Posted 12/08/10 (Wed)read more »

Parade of Lights was a great way to get into the holiday spirit

Once again, the Watford City Area Chamber of Commerce put on a spectacular Parade of Lights to kick off the holiday season.

Posted 12/01/10 (Wed)read more »

Food Pantry offers help throughout the holiday season

For many people, food is something we don’t think about too much. When you or your kids are hungry, all you need to do is go to a cupboard or the fridge and there is something to eat. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone.

Posted 12/01/10 (Wed)read more »

Watford City is ready to Celebrate a Country Christmas

‘Celebrating a Country Christmas’ is the Christmas theme chosen by the Watford City Area Chamber of Commerce for this year’s holiday season and it all kicks off this weekend.

Posted 11/24/10 (Wed)read more »

Businesses decorate Christmas trees for Boots & Bling auction

With Christmas just around the corner, many people are digging out their holiday decorations, including the dusty Christmas tree and decorations. Maybe this year is the year you’ve decided it’s time to spice things up or make a change. If so, you’ll want to make plans to attend the 2010 Boots and Bling Gala, sponsored by the Benefit Fund of the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems.

Posted 11/24/10 (Wed)read more »

Drovdal elected N.D. Speaker of the House

After nine legislative sessions, District 39 Representative David Drovdal decided he needed a bit of a challenge to regenerate himself and his career, a challenge that could ultimately be very good for McKenzie County. After a close race, Drovdal was elected as Speaker of the North Dakota House of Representatives.

Posted 11/24/10 (Wed)read more »

School requests bus funding from county’s Infrastructure Fund

With its existing school bus fleet wearing out faster than normal, the McKenzie County School District No. 1 school board is going to be asking the McKenzie County Board of County Commissioners to use a portion of the county’s Infrastructure Fund to purchase six new buses, as well as to provide funds to help construct a new bus storage facility.

Posted 11/17/10 (Wed)read more »

Tying for a good cause

A toothbrush, pajamas, socks and underwear are possessions that most people take for granted. However, for abused children, the simple gift of these and other everyday necessities can make a huge difference in their life.

Posted 11/17/10 (Wed)read more »

Keeping elderly housing affordable

In a time when housing is in high demand, most people who are thinking of selling are looking at a nice profit. But not everyone is selling to make big money.

Posted 11/17/10 (Wed)read more »

Health care system has profitable year

While Dan Kelly, CEO of the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems may have been a little disappointed with the number of patients that the facility saw at its clinic, hospital and emergency room this year, you have to excuse him for not being too upset.

Posted 11/10/10 (Wed)read more »