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City has big plans for Homefest

Everyone is invited to join in as Watford City unites and reunites former high school alumni, family members, friends with this year’s Homefest Celebration taking place June 21 - 23.

Posted 6/21/12 (Thu)read more »

Voters say ‘no’ to eliminating property taxes

North Dakotas vote to keep state property tax

Posted 6/20/12 (Wed)read more »

County finally has foster home

Recent licensing of a foster family breaks an almost one-year void

Posted 6/20/12 (Wed)read more »

County’s taxable sales up nearly 73 percent

Watford City’s taxable sales top $118 million last year

Posted 6/20/12 (Wed)read more »

New retail development proposed for city

Oppidan plans to bring in Coborn’s Grocery Store, ALCO and McDonald’s as part of new development

Posted 6/13/12 (Wed)read more »

Developer requests city off-sale license

A developer, who is planning to bring Coborn’s Grocery Store, a Little Dukes convenience store and gas station, as well an ALCO and a McDonald’s to Watford City, wants the Watford City City Council to amend its current liquor license ordinance to allow for more than one off-sale liquor license.

Posted 6/13/12 (Wed)read more »

City, county struggle with sex offender notification

City, county to keep public informed of sex offenders

Posted 6/13/12 (Wed)read more »

McKenzie County bids a fond farewell to Father John Pfeifer

After years in the priesthood, Father John looks forward to a retirement of fishing and living close to family

Posted 6/06/12 (Wed)read more »

DOT to present proposed bypass routes at forum

Public input meeting planned in Watford City on June 28

Posted 6/06/12 (Wed)read more »

Going digital?

Six Shooters’ Showhall being forced to go digital

Posted 6/06/12 (Wed)read more »

County zoning plans continue to develop

McKenzie County officials are continuing to develop a county-wide comprehensive zoning plan, which will include specific zoning designations and the accompanying land use plans.

Posted 5/30/12 (Wed)read more »

Tobacco Gardens Resort opens for the season with a new look

New all-season restaurant opens on Lake Sakakawea

Posted 5/30/12 (Wed)read more »

Developers have big plans for growing Watford

New subdivisions to bring housing, retail and commercial options to city

Posted 5/23/12 (Wed)read more »

Moving on up!

Bakken propels North Dakota to No. 2 oil-producing state in the country

Posted 5/23/12 (Wed)read more »

School District No. 1 working to solve teacher housing problem

The McKenzie County Public School District No. 1 school board has finally come to the decision either it has to purchase housing or they are not going to be successful in recruiting and hiring new teachers or administrative staff.

Posted 5/23/12 (Wed)read more »

Military service was a family tradition

Quale awarded Bronze Star for valor during service in Vietnam

Posted 5/23/12 (Wed)read more »

City gives go-ahead for new developments

Watford City’s City Council, during its regular meeting on Monday, May 7, cleared the way for what could very well be the biggest summer of building development that the city has ever seen.

Posted 5/16/12 (Wed)read more »

Watford gives food vendors 45 days to move

The battle over mobile food vendors in Watford City finally boiled over last Monday when the Watford City City Council voted 3-1 to give mobile food vendors 45 days to come into compliance with zoning ordinances, and in most cases that means relocating.

Posted 5/16/12 (Wed)read more »

Hadley brings wealth of experience to county planning job

Walter Hadley, who has extensive planning experience in Idaho, has been hired as the new planner for McKenzie County .

Posted 5/16/12 (Wed)read more »

Perfect seeding conditions

Early seeding in McKenzie County continues to run way ahead of last year's late start.

Posted 5/09/12 (Wed)read more »