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Bracing for a long winter

The tricky thing about living in Watford City during this great time is finding a place to live. A dilemma that has forced many people to live in their campers during a North Dakota winter, something most North Dakotans would never imagine doing.

Posted 1/20/10 (Wed)read more »

County’s taxable sales up 10%

McKenzie County’s taxable sales and purchases in the third quarter of 2009 continued to show slow and steady growth according to a recent report by North Dakota Tax Commissioner Cory Fong.

Posted 1/13/10 (Wed)read more »

Looking forward to a good year

or the Watford City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Watford City Economic Development Corporation, 2009 was a prosperous year with both groups’ new presidents looking forward to an even better year in 2010.

Posted 1/13/10 (Wed)read more »

Oil companies anticipate more drilling in 2010

After an interesting year in oil production, 2009 ended up being one for the record books with many people anticipating the same for 2010, but without so many ups and downs.

Posted 1/06/10 (Wed)read more »

Standing up for the scripture

A decision made last August by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) allowing pastors to engage in committed same-sex relationships has caused great unrest for some members of ELCA congregations.

Posted 1/06/10 (Wed)read more »

2010 could be a great time to be in Watford City

When it comes to economic development, most areas are working toward creating jobs and attracting people to their community, but for McKenzie County, the term economic development is centered on investing in the community so that people who want to work and move here can.

Posted 12/30/09 (Wed)read more »

Christmas storm dumps 9 inches of snow

If you were wishing for a white Christmas and you ended up stranded or shoveling, you may think twice before wishing for the same next year.

Posted 12/30/09 (Wed)read more »

Above and beyond the call

It’s not uncommon for people to give 100 percent to their job, but for some people, like Kerry Krikava, giving only 100 percent is something they would never dream of.

Posted 12/23/09 (Wed)read more »

Police Chief Vance retires after 33 years

A lot can happen in 33 years. There are changes, both good and bad, happy times and sad ones, and of course, many learning experiences and chances for teaching. As Watford City’s Police Chief Daryl Vance prepares for retirement, he reflects on some of the memorable moments of his 38 years in law enforcement.

Posted 12/23/09 (Wed)read more »

Brightening the holiday through generosity

There is a lot more to Christmas than receiving gifts, and residents of McKenzie County have been generously showing that all month through their donations to the McKenzie County Social Services Giving Tree.

Posted 12/23/09 (Wed)read more »

McKenzie County property tax bills take sharp decline

Posted 12/16/09 (Wed)read more »

Promoting leadership

School is a place for kids to learn, not only about reading and math, but also about life in general and what it takes to become an upstanding citizen, and that’s exactly what area students learned from a very influential visitor they had last week.

Posted 12/16/09 (Wed)read more »

Mentoring program benefits area youth

Christmas is a time for giving, so why not give the gift of a lifetime, by becoming a mentor with the McKenzie County Mentoring Program.

Posted 12/09/09 (Wed)read more »

Helping to brighten the holidays

Christmas is meant to be a bright time of year. But for the less fortunate or those down on their luck financially, it can be a difficult time filled with stress and despair, especially if you have children.

Posted 12/09/09 (Wed)read more »

Watford kicks off Christmas season with activities for all

Christmas is a time of joy, filled with many fun festivities for all ages. But it’s no secret that Christmas really focuses around the kids, from holiday advertisements filled with toys to candy canes and Santa Claus.

Posted 12/02/09 (Wed)read more »

Mission trip to Africa leads to lasting memories for area church members

For many people, a vacation is a time of relaxation and pampering. But for six McKenzie County residents, relaxation and pampering were the last things on their agenda during a recent trip to Africa.

Posted 12/02/09 (Wed)read more »

Marins open three new restaurants in Arnegard

When you live in a small town, your options for many things, like dining out can be rather limited. Fortunately, for the residents of Arnegard, John and Kalli Marin saw this limitation as an opportunity to provide what was missing.

Posted 12/02/09 (Wed)read more »

County Infrastructure Fund intended to minimize impact from oil activity

Changes to state laws regarding oil and gas production tax have the potential to do great things for McKenzie County. House Bill 1304 changed the tax distribution formula allowing more income for McKenzie County and adding a new Infrastructure Fund which will benefit townships and schools.

Posted 11/25/09 (Wed)read more »

Watford to kick off start of the holiday season on Friday

Christmas is just around the corner and Watford City is gearing up for the holidays like never before with tons of family fun as Christmas is a Family Tradition!

Posted 11/25/09 (Wed)read more »

Oil activity is on the rise with good things expected for 2010

The past year has been a long and bumpy one for the oil industry in North Dakota with McKenzie County being no exception. However, looking at activity in recent months compared to one year ago, things appear to be heading in the right direction.

Posted 11/18/09 (Wed)read more »