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Hanson chosen as new McKenzie County auditor

With Frances Olson retiring as the McKenzie County Auditor, area voters elected Jodi Hayden Hanson as the new McKenzie County Auditor, a position that Olson has held for the past 20 years.

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Fundraising efforts underway to build new wellness center

For her efforts in bringing awareness to health and wellness to Watford City, a group of Watford City residents have made it their goal to name the new wellness center after the late Connie Wold. The group has started the Community Campaign to Name The Connie Wold Wellness Center, a fund-raising campaign to raise $801,000 in Connie’s name.

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Legislative leaders hear about energy impacts on county, city government

The booming oil activity in western North Dakota has brought with it increased employment, increased tax revenue and a strong economy in the midst of a struggling U.S. economy. However, with the increase in oil activity, there has also been a multitude of challenges for local, county and state decision makers.

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First snowstorm catches many off guard

Although fall snowstorms are typical for North Dakota, that first good storm always seems to be a tough one. And even though it was the second snow of the season, last week’s storm was no different.

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Homeowners in Watford City are leasing mineral acres

Leasing minerals is nothing new for residents of McKenzie County. However, it is a new idea for home- owners in Watford City.

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Gas plant construction awaits PSC ruling

Construction of a gas processing facility north of Watford City will have to wait until spring. That is, unless the North Dakota Public Service Commission (NDPSC) approves the company’s application quickly like Bear Paw Energy, LLC, a subsidiary of ONEOK Partners, LP is pushing for.

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Watford City is bursting at the seams

As developers and individuals work to end a housing shortage in Watford City and McKenzie County, it has gotten a little difficult to determine where the city ends and the county begins. As of now, some businesses and subdivisions aren’t sure which one they will fall into either.

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Voters to elect new McKenzie County Auditor

With Frances Olson not seeking re-election as the McKenzie County Auditor, area voters will be choosing between two candidates to serve as the county’s auditor during the 2010 General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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Three candidates seek two seats on County Commission

McKenzie County voters will be asked to choose between three candidates to fill two seats on the McKenzie Board of County Commissioners during the 2010 General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Incumbents Roger Chinn of Grassy Butte and Richard (Rick) Lawlar are being challenged by Cameron Arnegard of Arnegard.

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Making it harder to fail

What can be done by teachers and school administrators to help students who are failing classes? That is a question that is not only plaguing schools across the United States, but schools in McKenzie County as well.

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The race is on in District 39

Two long-term Republican members of the North Dakota House of Representatives from District 39, David “Skip” Drovdal of Arnegard and Keith Kempenich of Bowman, will be facing their first political challenge in many years during the 2010 General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 2

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City approves $1.5 million deficit budget

Caught in the proverbial Catch-22 of how to keep up with the demands associated with energy development and yet keep a balanced budget, the Watford City City Council decided that budgeting to spend more money than it will take in was the best course of action for them to take.

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County approves $24 million budget

The McKenzie County Commissioners have approved a budget for 2011 which represents a 52 percent increase from last year and a 9.5 percent increase over what was requested.

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Gas processing plant to bring jobs to area

Like most of western North Dakota, the McKenzie County skyline is dotted with gas flares, something that most people associate with an active oil well. However, a gas flare means a lot more than just a well sight.

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Watford City’s taxable sales skyrocket

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Roundup reduces size of North Unit’s bison herd

With no injuries or incidents to people or bison, the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park has once again held a successful bison roundup.

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Man faces multiple charges following incident at Kum & Go

Brock Savelkoul, 28, of Minot is currently being held in the McKenzie County Jail after brandishing firearms at the Kum & Go convenience store in Watford City and leading area law enforcement officers on a high speed chase.

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Adding the finishing touches

When a new home is being built, it’s a great accomplishment when it is ready to move in to, but at that point the work is often far from over.

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Highway road construction continues on schedule throughout McKenzie County

After some unseasonably cold temperatures and snow in the area, it may seem to some people that road construction season will soon be over. But according to the North Dakota Department of Transportation, that isn’t the case.

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Optimism has faded

It’s common knowledge that rain is an important part of growing crops. This spring the rain was nearly perfect, giving area farmers a bumper crop for the second year in a row. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hasn’t let up on the rain, and for some area farmers it’s turned their bumper crop into something that is barely salvageable.

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