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Navy veteran was a Pearl Harbor survivor

Growing up southwest of Alexander as a young boy, Stanley Robinson had never heard of Pearl Harbor.

Posted 11/09/11 (Wed)read more »

Economics of a Boomtown affecting prices

With the cost of living in McKenzie County rising, many find that their dollar doesn’t get them as far as it used to.

Posted 11/02/11 (Wed)read more »

County purchases mobile homes to ease housing issues for new employees

After exploring every avenue, McKenzie County commissioners decide that purchasing housing is the best solution

Posted 11/02/11 (Wed)read more »

Offering comfort to hurting children

What started as a thought, has grown into a statewide mission of compassion.

Posted 11/02/11 (Wed)read more »

Sheriff’s Department to add four new deputies

The approval of McKenzie County’s Budget for 2012 has Sheriff Ron Rankin excited.

Posted 10/26/11 (Wed)read more »

Experts say 5,000 new wells needed to secure leases

McKenzie County residents presently find themselves in a unique situation. Unique in the sense that nothing of this current magnitude of oil development has happened here before.

Posted 10/26/11 (Wed)read more »

School Board wrestles with finding bus drivers

Finding and keeping school bus drivers has become a big problem for the McKenzie County Public School District No. 1. And it is a problem that, so far, the district hasn’t been able to solve.

Posted 10/19/11 (Wed)read more »

Work begins to extend city’s water and sewer service

Early in the year it became evident to Watford City leaders and residents that the oil and gas industry was impacting the area in a major way, and that something needed to be done about it.

Posted 10/19/11 (Wed)read more »

Missouri Basin Well Service to build headquarters, housing in Watford City

Started in 1979 by Jim and Jody Arthaud, Missouri Basin Well Service (MBI) has branched out from a single truck water transportation business in Belfield, N.D., to a huge oil industry business in five states, with offices in Belfield, Ross, and soon, Watford City.

Posted 10/19/11 (Wed)read more »

Commissioners shave $7 million from budget

At the county commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 4, the McKenzie County Commissioners approved a $53.4 million budget for 2012, which is more than double the previous year’s budget of $24.4 million.

Posted 10/12/11 (Wed)read more »

Police struggling with county’s dispatch, jail service

The Watford City Police Department’s frustration with the level of dispatch and jail service that it is receiving as part of the city’s contract with the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Dept. took center stage during the Watford City City Council’s meeting on Monday, Oct. 3.

Posted 10/12/11 (Wed)read more »

City okays $6 million budget

Watford City taxpayers will see a 13 percent increase in their taxes to fund the city’s new 2012 budget. But considering that the city’s budget grew from $3,657,772 in 2011 to $6,028,746 in 2012, an overall tax hike for city taxpayers from $215,470 to $243,817 seems like a pretty good deal.

Posted 10/12/11 (Wed)read more »

New home construction picking up as city’s population grows

A late spring gave John Dunlap, owner of Cascade Homes and the main developer of Veeder Estates, a run for his money. But with Phase One complete and seven homes almost ready for sale, Dunlap is feeling pretty good about where he is sitting.

Posted 10/12/11 (Wed)read more »

City’s sales top $28 million in second quarter

n yet another positive indication that Watford City’s and McKenzie County’s economy is booming, the latest figures released by the North Dakota Tax Dept. shows that both the city and the county’s taxable sales grew by over 64 percent in the second quarter of 2011.

Posted 10/05/11 (Wed)read more »

Threatening call sends hospital, clinic into “lockdown”

On the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 8:20 a.m. Rory Gravos, 34, of Alexander N.D., made a threatening call to the McKenzie County Hospital, resulting in both the hospital and clinic being secured and locked down for approximately 45 minutes.

Posted 10/05/11 (Wed)read more »

City to hold hearing on $6 million budget

Budget hearing on Oct. 6

Posted 10/05/11 (Wed)read more »

Power Fuels to build housing for 1,000 people

“If you build it, they will come” has become the mantra for Mark Johnsrud, president of Power Fuels.

Posted 9/28/11 (Wed)read more »

The Great Post Office Box Race

Local businesses have been hit hard by the increasing demands a rising population can bring. The Watford City Post Office is no different.

Posted 9/28/11 (Wed)read more »

Arnegard Post Office closure meeting gets off to slow start

Arnegard area residents who felt strongly that the closing of their community’s post office will have a disastrous impact on their community and the delivery of their mail, patiently sat and waited last Wednesday morning to meet with postal service representatives.

Posted 9/28/11 (Wed)read more »

Grassy Butte residents fight to keep their post office

Grassy Butte residents are boiling mad that their post office is one of 3,700 post offices in the United States that have been targeted for closure.

Posted 9/21/11 (Wed)read more »