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Healthcare providers still encouraging residents to get H1N1 shot

Flu season typically peaks in March, and although the panic surrounding the H1N1 virus has settled due to widespread vaccinations and a slowdown in cases, some medical professionals don’t think we’ve seen the last of the virus.

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Voters to be asked to change city’s water suppy source

Water is a basic necessity of life, something that every individual is entitled to. However, quality and availability of water varies from one area to the next, something residents of Watford City are familiar with. But, an upcoming vote could start the process to change that for good. Watford City residents will be asked to vote, in the upcoming June election, on the issue of receiving water from the Missouri River.

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Company finds what it likes in Watford City

With increased interest and drilling into the Bakken and Three Forks formations, residents of McKenzie County have become accustomed to seeing oil field businesses and families moving into the area. However, in addition to oil field workers, the boom has also brought construction companies to the area for temporary work, with one company deciding to make Watford City its new home.

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Archery Club to host annual 3-D Indoor Tournament

The Watford City Civic Center is home to many sporting events throughout the year, but none as unique as the one being held there this coming weekend. The McKenzie County Archery Club (MCAC) will host its annual Indoor 3-D Archery Tournament this Saturday and Sunday.

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Game and Fish thins bighorn sheep herd

Driving through the Badlands south of Watford City is a scenic drive made even more enjoyable by the opportunity to see one of North Dakota’s few bighorn sheep along the route.

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Healthcare Systems to offer visiting nurse services for Medicare patients

When most people need medical attention, they make an appointment and go to the clinic. However, for some people, it’s not always that simple because they aren’t able to get themselves to the clinic when needed. McKenzie County Healthcare Systems is hopeful its new program will change that.

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More accidents lead to more stress on volunteers

One minute, they’re playing with their kids or sitting down to a nice meal with their family. The next, they’re rushing in an ambulance or fire truck to an accident where they’ll be responsible for treating wounds and saving lives.

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City continues to struggle with housing issues

Housing continues to be a struggle for Watford City . However, with two new housing projects ready for occupants and a third project getting underway this month, it appears that things should be getting better soon.

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Increased traffic makes for rough roads, more accidents

It doesn’t matter who’s driving or where they are heading, every vehicle accident has a cause. It may be road conditions, weather conditions, driver error or something else, but with vehicle accidents up 50 percent from one year ago, many people in McKenzie County think that something needs to be done.

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Many city, county incumbents not seeking re-election in 2010

With snow on the ground and temperatures still below freezing, it’s difficult to think ahead to the local elections coming this June. However, if you’re an elected official or you think you could do a better job than a current elected official, it’s time to start thinking ahead to warmer days.

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Winter storm packs a punch, leaving many without power

It started out looking like the weekend storm wasn’t going to hit McKenzie County too hard, but that feeling didn’t last long once round two hit late Saturday.

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Herfindahl hired as Watford City’s Chief of Police

After 33 years on the job, Police Chief Daryl Vance decided it was time to retire, giving the Watford City City Council the tough job of hiring a new Chief of Police.

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Strong economy boosts funds

Thanks to a great year for the Watford City city sales tax and lodging tax, the Watford City Roughrider Fund and the Watford City Lodging Tax Committee have had banner years.

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City approves new water, sewer rates

Watford City residents will see an increase in their water and sewer rates as a result of action by the Watford City City Council during its Jan. 11 meeting.

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Bracing for a long winter

The tricky thing about living in Watford City during this great time is finding a place to live. A dilemma that has forced many people to live in their campers during a North Dakota winter, something most North Dakotans would never imagine doing.

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County’s taxable sales up 10%

McKenzie County’s taxable sales and purchases in the third quarter of 2009 continued to show slow and steady growth according to a recent report by North Dakota Tax Commissioner Cory Fong.

Posted 1/13/10 (Wed)read more »

Looking forward to a good year

or the Watford City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Watford City Economic Development Corporation, 2009 was a prosperous year with both groups’ new presidents looking forward to an even better year in 2010.

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Oil companies anticipate more drilling in 2010

After an interesting year in oil production, 2009 ended up being one for the record books with many people anticipating the same for 2010, but without so many ups and downs.

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Standing up for the scripture

A decision made last August by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) allowing pastors to engage in committed same-sex relationships has caused great unrest for some members of ELCA congregations.

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2010 could be a great time to be in Watford City

When it comes to economic development, most areas are working toward creating jobs and attracting people to their community, but for McKenzie County, the term economic development is centered on investing in the community so that people who want to work and move here can.

Posted 12/30/09 (Wed)read more »