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City water change to be decided at the poll

Watford City city officials are hopeful that the low turnout at the City’s Forum on Drinking Water indicates that all questions have been answered in regard to supplying residents with water from the Missouri River.

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Company to build new homes, short-term stay units in Watford

With plans to develop up to 64 new single family homes, as well as 72 short-term stay units this summer, a Watford City developer could finally help the community begin solving its lack of housing problem.

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Highway 85 opens to limited traffic

Road construction is never fun to deal with, but it’s an even bigger headache when the work causes area roads to be closed off to traffic completely. And that is something many McKenzie County residents and travelers who use Highway 85 south of Watford City are well aware of. After nearly two weeks of being closed, Highway 85 south of Watford City has reopened to limited traffic.

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First International celebrates 100 years of banking

For most members of McKenzie County, First International Bank & Trust is an establishment that has always been on the corner of Main Street. But for some residents of the county, their memory is a little different.

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$450 million gas plant to be constructed in county

As the oil companies continue tapping into the Bakken Formation, it’s likely that McKenzie County will continue to expand, with the most recent expansion being a new gas plant southeast of Watford City.

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Steidl receives Saved By The Belt Award

Most people don’t realize that a simple decision can save your life. However, that’s exactly what you may be determining every time you choose to put on your seat belt or to leave it off. For 27-year-old Dixie Steidl, of Watford City, the decision she made on Aug. 13, 2009, was a lifesaving one.

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More good news for oil patch

Oil producers who have been busy drilling into the very productive Bakken Formation in western North Dakota could very well be setting their sights on another major oil formation - the Three Forks.

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Super 2 will not bypass Watford City

McKenzie County is definitely booming. With new families, businesses, housing developments and oil wells, there is bound to be a lot of talk of changes throughout the county. With many plans in the works and even more ideas floating around, it’s difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction.

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2010 will be record-setting year for energy development

With 109 active drilling rigs and another land lease sale coming up, the oil fields of North Dakota are still busy with no end in sight.

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School searched for drugs

Watford City High School went into a lockdown last Tuesday morning as law enforcement officers from the Watford City Police Department, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the North Dakota Highway Patrol and the Northwest Narcotics Task Force, assisted by six K9 units, made a surprise drug search of the school.

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Teen drinking is big problem in Watford City

Alcohol is the number one drug of choice among the nation’s youth and it often has serious, lifelong, consequences for them, their families and their communities.

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Board okays school projects

From a new sound system in the high school gymnasium to security cameras and fire alarms in the high school, to the demolition of the old courthouse building and the construction of a new bus barn, the McKenzie County Public School District No. 1 school board at its April 12 meeting decided that now was the time to improve the school and to spend some of the federal stimulus funds that the district still has available.

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No easy answer to underage drinking

In spite of a low turnout by parents and youth, the McKenzie County Community Coalition’s (MC3) 3rd Town Hall Meeting addressing underage drinking and substance abuse resulted in a new hope of getting a handle on underage drinking.

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Healthcare System begins search for new physician

McKenzie County is fortunate to have a full healthcare system including a hospital, clinic, nursing home and wellness center. But having those facilities mean nothing if there aren’t any doctors.

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City says “no” to providing services outside city limits

With housing within the Watford City city limits at a short supply, should the city extend its sewer services outside the current city limits to serve three proposed developments? Or would it be in the city’s interest to annex outlying property into the city limits and then provide those services?

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Robust oil activity fuels increase in 4th quarter taxable sales

In spite of a general slowing of the state’s economy during the fourth quarter of 2009, fueled by a robust energy sector, Watford City as well as McKenzie County bucked that trend and continued to show positive growth.

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110-mile canoe trip in one day raises $6,000

A canoe trip down the Little Missouri River is a great way to experience the beauty and solitude of the North Dakota Badlands. According to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park Guide, it takes three to four days to canoe the 110 miles from Medora N.D., to the Long X Bridge south of Watford City. But if you ask Nick Ybarra and his father-in-law, Marty Mulder, they’ll tell you it can be done in one day.

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Major work on Highway 85 begins

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the dreaded road construction season. The first project in McKenzie County has already started on Highway 85 south of Watford City, and it’s not scheduled to wrap up until October. But as always, the road will be nicer and safer when it’s finished.

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Badlands Gymnastics perform in ‘Night of Stars’ on Friday

If you’re looking for some great flips and good entertainment then you won’t want to miss the 22nd annual Badlands Gymnastics Club’s ‘Night of Stars,’ which will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 9 in the Watford City High School Gymnasium.

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Underage drinking subject of Town Hall Meeting

Underage drinking is a big problem in McKenzie County and the McKenzie County Community Coalition (MC3) wants your help in resolving this problem.

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