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A taste of COVID-19 distancing hits home

Posted 3/25/20 (Wed)

A taste of COVID-19 distancing hits home

By Cathleen Naeb
McKenzie County Farmer
Assistant Production Manager

Living in rural northwestern North Dakota, we are basically in a bubble.
We tend to think that the issues that plague the rest of the country can’t possibly touch us. Then comes a global pandemic.
A pneumonia-like illness begins circulating around the country at a rate unseen in recent history and potentially never seen, and we North Dakotans still say, “we’ll be fine.”
My own defense against the fear of this pandemic was to downplay it. I mocked my mother, who was preparing her employees to work remotely before North Dakota even had a confirmed case. I kept making jokes about people hoarding toilet paper. When the first case in North Dakota was reported, I started taking the idea of social distancing a little more seriously, but not as seriously as I should have.
Now, after living my own family’s COVID-19 scare, I realize how quickly any of our lives can change if we aren’t vigilant about preventing it.

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