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Cascade Homes begins a second housing project in Watford City

Posted 9/30/09 (Wed)

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

With a struggling economy, people are willing to do a lot for a job. Even if that means braving a North Dakota winter in a camper. Thankfully, for those living in a camper, one developer hopes his newest project will help get them out of their campers and into a home, even if it’s only temporary.
John Dunlap, Cascade Homes of Bozeman Mont., chief executive officer hasn’t finished his first housing project in Watford City and he’s already jumping into a second housing project here.
“Right now, Watford City has 250 people living in campers because there isn’t any other option,” says Dunlap. “If you look at what’s happening, it’s easy to see that even without a boom, this town needs more housing.”
Over the past few months, Watford City has become home to many transient workers and some who have permanent jobs with no place to live.
“There are people here with the road construction, the park, the oil pipeline and various other businesses,” adds Dunlap. “This new project will provide furnished housing for rent, something that I feel will be a great asset to Watford City.”
After coming up with a solution to Watford City’s need for temporary housing, Dunlap approached the Watford City Housing Authority in hopes of acquiring land and the Watford City City Council seeking help with infrastructure costs.
“The Housing Authority’s goal is to get housing in Watford City and Dunlap came forward with a project and a crew ready to work,” says Brent Sanford of the Watford City Housing Authority. “The Housing Authority approved giving him the land directly to the east of the Lutheran Social Services housing project and the City approved up to $90,000 for water, sewer and roadway improvements.”
The new Cascade Homes project will include 24 town homes in a 12-unit building. The rental homes will be fully furnished with appliances and furniture.
“Right now this project is about filling a need for temporary housing,” says Dunlap. “The nice thing about this project is that it will meet the needs of people who have encountered financial problems during this economic downturn and it will help with housing for companies working here temporarily, like road construction and the pipeline crews. Then in the future, when temporary housing is no longer needed, the units can be sold as town homes.”
According to Dunlap, the town homes will have two bedrooms plus a two-car garage and patio which will make them perfect for families.
“We think this is a great project that will be good for our community,” says Sanford. “The Housing Authority was looking for someone to help and we’re excited to see this project get underway.”
Cascade is almost finished with its construction of eight town homes that will be for sale and they plan to get started on the new project right away with a completion date set for the end of this year.
“I wanted to jump right into this project quickly because of the need and because there are work crews available,” comments Dunlap. “It’s going to be a hard push to get them done by the end of the year, but I am hopeful that we can do it.”
For more information on Cascade Homes projects in Watford City, contact Dunlap at 1-406-585-9230.