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Changes coming to Bakken Oil Rush Ministry

Posted 1/23/19 (Wed)

Changes coming to Bakken Oil Rush Ministry

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

After five years of endless labor for the down and out in McKenzie County, Jim and Kathie Konsor are announcing that they will retire from the Bakken Oil Rush Ministry this coming June. Having built up an incredibly successful nonprofit organization, equipped with property and two buildings filled with goods, the Konsors are pleased that their work will continue. The board of the Bakken Oil Rush Ministry has plans to hire a store manager and director who will continue with the programs that the Konsors started way back in 2013.
Jim Konsor came to the Bakken in 2012, chasing the tale that there was work in the Bakken. Among thousands of others willing to work hard for a living wage, Jim came to move scoria. Once he arrived, however, he was overcome with what he saw. As he interacted with the others who had come to work, he heard story after story of the hopeless situations that caused people to leave family and friends to find work in the Bakken. Many of those people had pulled into town on their last dime, cashing it in with hopes of a better life.

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