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City battles mosquitos

Posted 8/01/18 (Wed)

City battles mosquitos

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

An abundance of summer rains and hot temperatures have created the perfect conditions for the recent outbreak of mosquitos in and around Watford City.
While mosquitos can always be a problem that city residents have to put up with when they try to enjoy being outdoors, it is not just this recent outbreak that is concerning for Justin Smith, Watford City’s Public Works director. At the same time that the mosquito population took a jump so did the number of mosquitos that could possibly be carrying the West Nile virus.
“The Williston Vector Control has found a high number of West Nile carrying mosquitos in their traps on the Missouri River bottoms,” states Smith. “In fact, according to their trap counts Williams and McKenzie counties have the highest number of West Nile carrying mosquitos in the state.”

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