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Cold February wreaks havoc on state’s oil production

Posted 4/17/19 (Wed)

Cold February wreaks havoc on state’s oil production

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

A brutally cold February resulted in North Dakota seeing the largest oil monthly production drop in the last two years. But according to state oil experts, the decline is going to be short-lived as warmer weather will spur increased drilling and well completions.
“The industry suffered from frostbite in February,” stated Lynn Helms, North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources director during his monthly Director’s Cut on Friday, April 12.
The state’s oil production dropped from 43,518,038 to 37,381,801 barrels from January to February, while natural gas production fell from 84,335,246 to 73,651,450 mcf. The state set all-time records in oil and natural gas production in January of 2019.
According to Helms, the cold February resulted in 300 fewer wells producing, the idling of 400 conventional wells, while the number of wells waiting on completion increased to around 900.
“Completions were done significantly during February,” stated Helms. “It is very difficult to move and heat frac water for well completions with the cold weather.”

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