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Encouraging students to ‘Party Responsibly’

Posted 4/03/19 (Wed)

Encouraging students to ‘Party Responsibly’

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

As Watford City High School juniors and seniors were finalizing their plans for this year’s prom, which was held on Friday, March 29, the Watford City Police Department met with the students to share a few last minute reminders with them.
“We want you guys to celebrate safely,” said Sgt. Jeffrey Jensen. “And we’re going to give you some tools to do so.”
Jensen didn’t hesitate to shy away from any topics at hand.
“Understand that we’ve already heard about the post prom parties. So anybody who knows about those post prom parties, know that we know of them as well,” said a very calm and collected Jensen.
Jensen informed the students that it’s never too late to reconsider a bad decision that hasn’t been made yet.
“Decisions and smart decision-making means that we should talk about our alcohol use,” said Jensen.

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