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Group files to recall 3 county commissioners

Posted 8/08/17 (Tue)

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

A local group has filed documents in an effort to recall three McKenzie County commissioners.
The Badlands Recall Committee seeks to recall commissioners Vawnita Best, Douglas Nordby and Gene Veeder for reasons related to appointments filling vacant county offices, majority votes and other decisions, including efforts to remove Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger.
Brooks Kummer chairs the five-person committee comprised of David Hoffmann, Guy Rolfsrud, Greg Tank and Dale Washburn. Many farmers and ranchers support a recall, he said, since the group began meeting following Auditor/Treasurer Erica Johnsrud’s appointment in May.
Elections specialist Lee Ann Oliver said the Secretary of State’s Office has until Tuesday or Wednesday to approve the committee’s petition submitted July 31.
“They cannot start collecting signatures until we approve the form,” she said.
As voters, Kummer said the recent past has been frustrating for the group with commissioners’ appointments, delinquent audit reports to the state and Schwartzenberger’s case.

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