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Happiness is homegrown in Watford

Posted 8/01/18 (Wed)

Happiness is homegrown in Watford

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

After living out of the state, Rebekah Engebretson always felt she was destined to belong back in Watford City. While she’s not quick to associate herself with originality and conservation, she’s the authentic form of what modern-day minimalists aspire to be.
Engebretson was born in Idaho, but grew up in Watford. She ended up spending her later years in Wyoming and Minnesota where she lived with her in-laws for several years shortly after getting married.
Eventually, they moved to Watford and purchased their first small home for $8,000.
Through the process of their next home, they lived out of their camper for 15 months. She laughed as she recalls laying in bed with her husband and reading a Country Woman magazine together because it’s all they had.

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