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Improving school traffic

Posted 11/07/18 (Wed)

Improving school traffic

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Safety concerns on streets surrounding the Watford City Elementary and Intermediate schools prompted a months long analysis of the area,  and this week the Watford City Police Department announced changes.
In a press release, the police department announced that parking will no longer be allowed on the east and west sides of 3rd Street SE (the street that runs in front of both schools), from the Wild West Water Park south in front of the elementary school and Wolf Pup, up to 4th Ave. NE.
Additionally, at the intersection of 3rd Street SE and Park Ave. E., the city will install four-way stop signs. Previously, there were only stop signs for vehicles travelling on 3rd Street SE, while Park Ave. E was a through street.
The police department said that they conducted a traffic study on 3rd Street SE in the beginning of October of this year. During that study, they saw that 3rd Street SE averaged approximately 1,200 cars per day on the narrow street.

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