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“Home sweet home” is getting harder to find

Posted 5/08/19 (Wed)

“Home sweet home” is getting harder to find

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

When the oil boom hit Watford City in 2011, the community of 1,650  wasn’t fully prepared for the thousands of new workers who flooded into the area looking for work in the oil field.
Back then, while the city and its retailers struggled with keeping pace with all the new people moving into the community, its biggest challenge was finding a place for everyone to live.
Almost overnight, Watford City quickly transformed into a man camp on steroids with people living in tents and in their vehicles. Those fortunate enough were able to rent one of the few apartments available at that time.
Since then, 2,234 apartment units in 124 apartment buildings have become available. In addition, six new motels have been built that cater almost exclusively to oil field workers.
But the one housing component that has been seriously lacking has been affordable single-family homes for people that have decided to put down roots in Watford City.
“It was time for us to decide what our plan was,” says Jolene Prine, who made a decision to purchase one of the few homes on the market.

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