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Low prices a big concern as farmers hit the fields

Posted 5/15/19 (Wed)

Low prices a big concern as farmers hit the fields

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

As Mike Dwyer loaded his seeder with durum seed last week as he prepared to plant a field southwest of Arnegard, he like all McKenzie County farmers was anxious to get this year’s crop into the ground.
Across the county spring seeding is getting off to a slightly slower start than normal because of cold temperatures and wet conditions. Dwyer says that while the moisture has been welcome, he is most concerned with making a profit this year because of low commodity prices.
“We’re seeing good soil moisture this spring,” stated Dwyer, who is planting a variety of crops this year hoping that one of them will show a profit.
According to Dwyer, he and his sons will be planting 300 acres of lentils, 120 acres of peas, 300 acres of soybeans, 500 acres of barley, 700 acres of durum, while the rest of their fields will be planted into wheat.
“Not a single one of those crops will make money this year,” said Dwyer.

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