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Making way for more children

Posted 2/13/19 (Wed)

Making way for more children

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

The process of adding a preschool facility to Watford City in the Fall of this year is finally underway! A location, building and plan has been set for 160 children.
“Watford City was looking for a preschool program that offered more for everybody as parents didn’t have the ability to get their kids in to the Wolf Pup Daycare,” says Curt Moen, city administrator.
At that point, Moen and other Wolf Pup Village, Inc. board members began addressing the need for such a place in order to justify strategizing a concrete plan.
“If you look at Wolf Pup, the waiting list hovers around 100 to 120 children,” emphasizes Moen on the need.
With the justification that a preschool facility would make sense, that still didn’t eliminate the issue of where and how to find a suitable location.
“Space is a rare commodity in Watford City and trying to find a spot was difficult. When the post office decided to move east of town, the city realized that maybe there was an opportunity with the old building,” says Moen.

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