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Republic to pay county to maintain road to their landfill

Posted 5/15/19 (Wed)

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Republic Services, who operates  a recovery, treatment and disposal facility on 108th Avenue near Keene, took steps last week to make good on one of the conditions of their conditional use permit (CUP).
In the process of seeking an amended conditional use permit, one that would allow Republic Services two million more vertical yards of space, many unhappy residents have come forward with complaints most often centered around the smell coming from the facility, and the poor shape of 108th Avenue.
At last week’s county commissioners meeting, Kanwar reported back saying that the company was willing to pay the county to make improvements to the road.
“Republic is not in the road business,” Kanwar said. “They are willing to pay the cost of whatever it costs the county to take care of the road.”
Kanwar reported that Republic has agreed to pay $85,000 per mile (for approximately 2.25 miles), per year to the county. The county would then take responsibility to maintain the road - a job with which they are very familiar and proficient.

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