December 21, 2011


By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Too often during the rush of the holiday season, people tend to forget the real reason that the Christmas season is celebrated. We get so caught up in buying presents, going to parties, and dashing around that we lose sight that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus.
Every year, I try to find an appropriate story or article that shares a special message about the Christmas season. Some years, the story I select may be about Santa Claus. On other years, the story may take on a more religious overtone.
This year, I would like to share one of my favorite stories. I heard the poem several years ago during a church service and this year, I’d like to share it with you.

The Night Before Jesus
By Herb Brokering

’Twas the night before Jesus when all through the earth
every creature was stirring for a new baby’s birth.
Some faces were watching far out in the sky
Believing God’s son would be soon coming by.

The wise men were searching the heavens with care
Hunting signs of God’s love in some stars up there.
Shepherds were tired, weary, and beat.
Their sheep had just ba-a-a-ed their last sleepy bleat.

When up in the air there arose such a clatter,
They looked up, and saw angels, and asked, “What is
the matter?”
Up on their feet, they stood straight and tall,
To see hundreds of angels, and to hear angels call.

It sounded like glory, and looked bright as can be;
It was hard to believe, and so hard to see.
It happened so sudden, it happened so quick.
Was it real? Was it true? Or was it a trick?

More rapid than eagles, the shepherds they came;
Found Mary and Joseph, and whispered His name.
It’s Jesus, Jehovah, Messiah, the Son,
Emmanuel, the Lord. He is all and each one.

So up to the
hillsides their
running feet flew,
With their eyes full of Jesus, and their hearts now like new.
Far away . . . wise men stood on a roof.
Searching the stars for biblical proof.

There! There! Each one shouted. Out in the east.
And mounted with speed his two-humped beast.
They were filled up with questions from head to toe,
Asking, “Where’s the new King? We truly must know.”

And three kinds of gifts they had piled on the back,
Gold, frankincense, myrrh in a sweet smelling pack.
They saw God had given his son to the earth.
They had nothing to do and nothing to say.
It was truly God’s world and this was God’s day.

Christ was on earth; old things were like new.
Now people could see what God surely can do.
When it’s the night before Christmas from the
ground to the sky
God’s glory is near and Jesus comes by.