December 6, 2017


By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Watford City is blessed with a wonderful variety of city parks scattered across the community that provide for great opportunities for families to enjoy. But as the community has grown there has been one park that was noticeably absent.
And that absence was a good area for this growing community’s pet owners to take their dogs to. Yes, people could always take their dogs for a walk on city paths. But there was no place for dog owners to take their pets to that would allow for them to run and play with other animals.
As a dog owner, I have always sought out dog parks whenever we travel. And there are great dog parks all across the state, such as in Williston, Minot, Bismarck, Fargo and Grand Forks to name just a few. But when it came to finding a place to let our dog run in Watford City, it was a different story. While we would let our dog off leash to roam a little when there were no other walkers on a city walking path, it just wasn’t the same experience. Plus we knew that having our dog off leash was also a violation of city ordinances.
So I, along with all of the other dog owners in town, was thrilled to learn that the city parks department recently opened a new dog park on the north side of Watford City.
Thanks to the donation of land by Robin Greenhagen as well as a $55,000 investment by the city parks and recreation department for a parking lot, concrete entrances, fencing, lighting and a retention pond, the Doc Nelson Dog Park, located north of town at 1425 5th Street Northeast, is now open for our four-legged pets. With eight acres of land that is conveniently fenced into areas for a variety of sizes of dogs, it is a perfect place for dogs to run, romp, and play with other dogs, all while under the watchful eyes of their owners.
Greenhagen and the city parks and recreation department are to be applauded for seeing a need and then making that need become a reality.
Dog owners in the community, as well as people visiting our community will thank them for making this much needed park possible.