December 9, 2020


By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

How many times do you remember going into a Watford City business to ask the owner for a donation to a worthy cause? It may have been to help buy T-Shirts to help sponsor a youth sporting team or to buy a buckle or trophy for a youth rodeo. It may have been asking for a donation to help a family meet the medical expenses of their young child who is suffering from cancer. Or it may have been to help a family get back on their feet again after they lost their home to a fire or tornado.
Area businesses get a staggering number of requests to help local causes. And you know what, they usually step up to the plate and make those donations.
So this year, on behalf of all of our local retailers, I’m asking everyone to please support your Watford City businesses this Christmas season. Because of the impacts of COVID-19, every small town business is struggling financially.
Yes, it is easy to go online to buy whatever you need. But think about it. What has Amazon, Walmart or any other online retailer done to support you, your family or to make Watford City a better place to live? To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never seen any of these multi-billion dollar companies support any of our youth programs, buy an ad in a high school yearbook or donate to any of our worthy causes.
When you shop local, you help make this community work. Granted, Watford City stores may not have the selection that you can find online, but you’d be surprised by what your local retailers have in stock or can order for you.
So this holiday season, make shopping locally a priority. Buy gift cards or gift certificates to local restaurants and retailers. Support your local merchants the best way that you can.
When you shop locally, you are making a decision that will be returned to the community many times over. You will be ensuring that these businesses will survive another year and be able to keep their employees working. But more importantly, these businesses will have the profits that they need to be able to continue supporting all of the many groups and organizations that turn to them for help.