July 27, 2021


By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

The Biden administration is sending horribly mixed messages as to which U.S. border should be open and which should be closed.
On the one hand, last week the Biden administration announced that it was extending its restrictions on nonessential travel at the U.S.-Canada border for at least another month, until Aug. 21. That decision came just days after Canada’s announcement that it would reopen its border to vaccinated U.S. citizens for nonessential travel on Aug. 9.
And, as expected, the decision to keep the U.S.-Canada border closed drew immediate negative comments from border states.
“Keeping the border closed to travelers won’t substantially drive vaccination rates up, but it will continue to hold the economy down and hurt communities that depend on cross-border activity, including North Dakota’s retail and tourism industries as well as friends and family members separated by border restrictions for more than 16 months,” stated Doug Burgum, North Dakota governor.

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