January 4, 2022


By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

As we move into 2022, have you already made your New Year’s Resolution? If you have, you join a very long line of people dating back to early Christianity who on the first day of the new year would think about their past mistakes and resolve to do better in the future.
But how many people actually keep those resolutions of losing weight, eating healthier, getting more exercise, spending more time with family and friends or being a better employee or boss? My guess is that most New Year’s resolutions start off with good intentions and last for a few weeks or months. But then our old habits return and those New Year’s resolutions become a thing of the past.
For those who each and every year, make a pledge to themselves to be a better person than they have been, they shouldn’t look at not achieving their New Year’s Resolution as being a failure. Rather it is a goal that constantly needs to be worked on to achieve.

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