April 19, 2022


By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

If you have lived in North Dakota long enough you know that spring snowstorms don’t happen all that frequently. But when they do happen, they can bring lots of snow and extremely high winds which can quite literally shut the state down.
And last week, the state was hit with a record-setting three-day snowstorm that quite literally shut down the state. Fortunately, the blizzard didn’t come without plenty of advance public awareness by the National Weather Service. And while the weather service often misses on some of its predictions, that wasn’t the case this time. They nailed it. Not only in what part of the state would be most impacted, but also in how much snowfall was going to occur.
I have to be a little honest, I didn’t think that the storm was going to be all that bad. Call it wishful thinking. But by Wednesday morning as the heavy snow began and the winds began to roar, I had changed my tune and like most people I hunkered down at home and watched as my yard and driveway filled with snow.

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