August 7, 2019


By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Okay, I’m going to admit it. I’ve never met a barbecued rib that I didn’t love. I don’t care how ribs are prepared. They can be smoked, marinated in super secret sauces and herbs, dry rubbed or slathered in barbecue sauce. I love them all, just so long as the meat is falling off the bone.
But it’s not just the eating of the ribs that is an attraction for me. It’s the whole process that is involved. I love the smell of ribs barbecuing. I love the smoke rolling out of the grill. I enjoy visiting with other rib cookers about their secrets and favorite ways of turning a slab of pork ribs into a mouth-watering and finger-licking good pile of ribs.
Call it my fatal flaw when it comes to food. But given the choice of eating just about any other food, a plate overflowing with good ribs is going to come in pretty darn high on my list of favorite foods.
There is nothing quite like sitting down and facing a heaping pile of ribs on a plate and wondering who is going to be the victor. Me or the ribs.
So you can imagine how much I am looking forward to once again be eating my way up and down Watford City’s Main Street during the Best Of The West Ribfest this Friday.
With some of the best rib cookers in McKenzie County doing their best to outdo each other, it is going to be a gastronomic eating frenzy. And after smelling all of those ribs cooking all day long, I’m going to be in hog heaven by the time the rib booths finally start selling their ribs at 6 p.m. And by then, I’m sure that I’ll be more than ready to start the long and gruelling task of trying to sample ribs from each and every booth. Sampling a rib from each and every booth has been my goal every year and I’ve still yet to achieve it. Some years the ribs ran out before my appetite did. But in most cases, my stomach told me it was time to call it quits even though another mouth-watering sample was just a few steps away.
So if you are a rib lover like me, you won’t want to miss this year’s Ribfest.
But even though the ribs are what Ribfest is all about, there is going to be plenty of other activities happening all day and into the evening this year.
In addition to the ribs, there will be a Street Fair, an antique car show, music on Main Street throughout the day, games for children, with the evening capping off with a free concert by country western star Joe Nichols.
Ever since it was created, Ribfest has grown to become one of Watford City’s most fun and unique events with over 7,000 people packing Main Street last year. And this year’s event promises to be even better than ever before.
So mark your calendars for this Friday and take in all of the fun of Ribfest. And don’t forget to bring a hearty appetite.