June 21, 2022


By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Not too many years ago, America was once a nation that could proudly claim that it was producing all of the oil that this country needed thanks in part to then-President Trump’s policy to expand this nation’s oil and natural gas production.
But all that quickly changed the day that President Biden took office and began reversing Trump’s policies and programs, cancelling pipeline projects and removing vast tracts of federal lands that could have been leased and developed for energy production.
Today, Americans and the rest of the world are seeing how short-sighted Biden’s push for Green Energy to replace fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas and coal was. As oil and natural gas prices have shot to record highs not seen in decades, American consumers are paying record prices at the pump for gasoline and diesel fuel, and seeing their electric rates rising.
Last week, the national average of one gallon of gas was $5.01, according to AAA. Last year it was $3.07, $1.94 a gallon less.

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