January 5, 2011



Well, we had one short day of reprieve from the below zero stuff. Yesterday wasn’t too bad! Then wake up this morning to minus fifteen wind chills. But, at least the wind is from the northwest, where it is supposed to be from. Like Gary says, “That east wind is cold no matter what direction it comes from!”
Shirley left for Bismarck for the legislative session. That means I have to do the chores alone. I’m not even sure if I can remember how to open a gate. But, then again, it will save on feed. Don’t tell her I said that!
Might have to slip into town and see if it is still there. Hope they haven’t changed the rules. You know how some people have rules. Like no smoking. Or no shirt, no shoes, no service.
Heard about a club in Fargo that requires a tie. You don’t have a tie on, you don’t get served. Now, personally, I don’t care for ties. Oh, they are all right for funerals and weddings and stuff. But, that’s about the extent of it. I remember, when I was elected to the Senate. I didn’t know how to tie a tie. Still kind of sloppy. But Robert Hanna came down and showed me how. Left it tied for two years.
Anyway this guy has been working all day. A long day. And he decides to stop at this club for a drink and a good meal. Ribeye steak, baked potato with sour cream, big salad bar… The works.
Well, he goes up to the door and the doorman won’t let him in. No tie. He explains how hard he has been working and how hungry he is. The doorman sympathizes with him, but cannot make an exception. Finally he says, “You must have something in your car you can use for a tie.”
The guy went out to his car and searched everywhere. The only thing he came up with was a set of jumper cables. So he wrapped them around his neck a couple of times and tied as good a knot as he could.
He walked up to the door and the doorman looked him over. He didn’t much like this deal. But finally he relented. “You can go in,” he says, “But don’t try to start anything!”
I know. I know. It’s old. Wish me luck, I’m heading out for chores.