March 7, 2012



With any luck, I will be home tomorrow! Vacation will be ending. You see, Shirley took me on vacation to Mexico. So I am writing this in espanol! Si! So if strange symbols like ¿ jump up in the middle of this deal, hey, I’m still learning.
The first day here was kind of a wreck. We are by the ocean. The one on the east. I always get the names mixed up. Anyway, I ran down, well, walked down to the ocean. It is big! No matter how hard you strain, you can’t begin to see across it! I lay down on the beach and began to soak up a little sun. Well, I had a sip of a Bahama Mama before, so I slept pretty soundly. When I awoke, there was a large group of tourists taking pictures of me, pouring water over me, and trying to push me back into the ocean! Me, a beached whale!
I hate airports. But, if you are going to fly, you have to go through the airport. Last time I flew, they took my Leatherman knife!  My $35 Leatherman knife. This time, they took my shaving lotion and shampoo! You can imagine what I look like now after several days without shaving, shampooing, or brushing. Not a pretty picture.
The place we are staying has several different restaurants. All with different themes. I’ve had French, Mexican, Japanese, Indonesian, Caribbean, Greek. Have you ever eaten squid rings? They reminded me of a part of a pig. You know on a pig, you save everything but the squeal. Well, this ring doesn’t come from the end of the pig where the corn goes in!
I’ve eaten lamb, grouper, red snapper, chicken, pork fixed every way possible. I’ve had onion soup, fish eggs, salmon, and flank steak. And you know what? When I get home I’m going to have a big bowl of hotdish, glass of milk, and maybe go up to McDonalds.
Sorry this is short, but I’m struggling here¡¿