January 22, 2013



We celebrated New Year’s Eve at New Hradec again this year. And as usual it was fantastic! The food was great. The Tom and Jerrys were great. And the music was great. We were with great friends and it seemed like the perfect way to end the year. But, being we are a little long in the tooth, we don’t ring in the new year. That happens a couple hours after we are home.
But before we left, we did dance a little. I’m kind of a two-step guy. And a waltz is all right. And I used to twist and shout. But that was a while ago. I kind of stopped when I started to recall how appalled I was when my parents came home when I was a teenager and demonstrated their twisting! You know how that is. And I suppose that is how we look today.
Oh, I had to dance a little. It’s the New Year. Perhaps I did get a little carried away. But Shirley said I was the best one. Or maybe she said biggest, I have trouble hearing. I also had a little trouble with the high leg kicks, but then that is not something I do a lot of. I usually don’t kick any higher than the dog. But I got through it. I may have looked like I was a little winded, but I was just doing that so the other dancers didn’t feel completely outclassed.
It kind of reminded me of a trip we took a few years ago. Back when I was slender as a limb on a tree, rather than the trunk. We went on a cruise. Now if you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know what it is like. It is like being locked up in a huge motel with 3,000 other people. The ship is so huge; you can’t feel that you are moving. There is much of everything. Much eating. Much drinking. Much gambling. Disgusting! I loved it. Everything is covered by your initial cost, except for the drinks. I won’t mention how much they cost me. Because I don’t want Shirley to find out. But trust me, St. Anthony Club is much cheaper.
Anyway, one night we were at port in some town in the Bahamas. We are visiting  open-air bars and seeing the sites. Visiting with the natives and riding jet skis in the ocean. Now if you think it is easy to find a life jacket to fit Milo or myself, you evidently have not seen how large we have gotten over the years. But that little guy renting the boats out was not going to lose $100 because he couldn’t find a life jacket to fit either Milo or me. If you don’t know Milo, he’s bigger than I. The boat renter strapped two together and Milo was jumping ocean waves.
Later that night, we went to a show. A quiet little place where the natives go. We found it by doing some undercover work, but that is another story. They had little bongo drums and did that mariachi dance, no that’s in Mexico, but it is not the dance you see at weddings around here.
We watched for a while and then they talked Milo and Julie into coming up and learning the local dance. That was all right for a while. But in a few minutes Milo and Julie had begun a lively polka around the stage. In 10 minutes, they were giving instructions and the entire bar was doing a polka!
I told Shirley this morning, we have to go back. Just to see if they still do the polka in the Bahamas. Still do the waltz in Tennessee (never mind, wrong song).