February 6, 2013



I made it through another Super Bowl! I have to admit I didn’t watch it all. I’ve never watched an entire football game. Even my coach in high school decades ago would attest to this. There are too many time-outs, commercials, challenges, and so on. That is why sports bars have TVs all over every wall. So you can watch a game, any game, all the time.
I did watch the first quarter with friends at a local establishment that serves adult beverages. And it was potluck. Those that know me, know that is the reason I look forward to Super Sunday. Wrap up chores early, shower and shave, and start with the chips and dip at 12:01. With a drink, of course. Then on to the wings, brats, hamburgers, venison chili, pheasant white chili, hamburger cheese dip, polish sausages, little smokies with barbecue sauce, and gallons of chips and salsa. I kind of drifted off and forgot the game was four-and-a-half hours away.
By the time of the kickoff, I was looking for the TUMS and cool, clear, water. I made it through a quarter and headed home. By halftime, I was sure the game was over, but I was excited to see the halftime show. It was a disappointment that in a city of wonderful musicians, this was it. What I would have given for a jazz artist from Bourbon Street. What I would have given for the Bellamy Brothers or Johnny Cash or Gene Autry or…. And another thing. Real people don’t have legs that long! They must have been some kind of robot girls. Shirley says that it is insane for a grown man to watch the entire halftime show with the sound shut off. She’s says I am sick. I will admit I got a little warm.
Anyway, back to the game. The kickoff return to start the third quarter sealed the deal. It was a blowout. I thought I’d give the Niners one more chance. And I did. Until the power went off. That eased my sense of guilt as I shut the TV off, grabbed a book, and shut football out of my mind for the year. But it was a successful year, I thought, since I had won $10 on the coin toss! Here we go, Heads; here we go! Here we go, Heads; here we go! We even had a group chant going.
So I get up this morning to find out I had missed one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Stopped only by a goal-line stand. And I had missed all the ads.
But relax faithful reader, I caught up on all the stuff this morning. Glad I’m a farmer.