July 31, 2013



I use the computer a lot. I have Facebook friends. Lots of them. But I also delete many of them if they say something that upsets me early in the morning. I’m sensitive you know. So many times Shirley will holler from the living room, “What are you doing?” And I can tell her I am unfriending friends.
I write my article on a computer every Monday morning. I do some banking via computer and I occasionally order something over the computer. A left-handed rope, for example, the stuff I can’t find locally. I check the weather and radar often on a website. I check my bank account so I am sure just how much I am overdrawn on any given day.
So, on this Monday morning, as I sit down, right up against the deadline to submit this week’s article, I am confident that the article will be done in time.
But, on this particular morning, Microsoft has decided I need to type in the password to get to my e-mail. Like someone would like to see the junk mail I have accumulated the past several years. After several attempts, it has locked me out for typing in the wrong password. I have tried every password that I ever used anywhere. I even tried some that I know could result in prison time for me if anyone reads them at the other end. Still, it will not recognize that I am the real Dean Meyer, deanmeyer. Dmeyer or deanMeyer. Again I say it. (Swear word!)
It’s kind of like when I was younger. Oftentimes I rode a horse that I was kind of scared of when it was a little frosty. Well, more than a little. Damned scared!
Fraser was that kind of horse. Dad had purchased this nice three-year-old colt in Montana. Fraser, Mont., to be exact, at a ranch auction. He was a big, leggy palomino colt that just floated around a pen. I spent a lot of time on him and was dang proud of this colt. Broke with a bosal and he had as light a mouth as I had ever felt. I could lope him across a pen, pick up the reins and he would slide to a stop. To be honest, he was a better horse than I was a horseman. He learned in spite of me, not because of me.
But once in awhile, if there was a little chill in the air, he was pretty humpy in the morning. And if I didn’t ease him around for a bit, he would darn sure try to find out how I was feeling that morning.
One morning Hal, Dennis, and I were leaving early to gather cattle. It was a fall morning and pretty nippy. I thought I would take the kinks out of Fraser at home. So I stepped on and was easing around the pen, with knots in my stomach, and my heart stuck in my throat. My mouth was too dry to spit and my fingers hurt from gripping the horn so tight.
He was just starting to loosen up when all of sudden he let out a beller and blew up! I was grabbing for the horn. I was reaching for saddle strings or saddle horn or anything else I could grab. I think I even bit a little off of his mane. And I got him rode, which didn’t happen often when he threw a fit.
It wasn’t until weeks later that Hal admitted that he had thrown a halter under his hind legs because “I really like to watch him buck!”
A week later I put a small rattlesnake under the bedspread in Hal’s bed. I really like to see a man snakebit.
What this has to do with computers is beyond me. Maybe you can figure it out. Hopefully, you get the article.