January 17, 2018



The wind chill is minus 45 again this morning. And Shirley is home to help with chores! That makes it so much easier when I don’t have to get out of that warm cab on the tractor to open gates. In fact, I only wear a light jacket. I gave her a new knife for Christmas to cut the twine off bales! What a wonderful country we live in.
I suppose you are tired of hearing about the Vikings game. I know, I know. It has been overdone. And I am not a real big sports fan. I enjoy watching and listening to Twins baseball, Rancher volleyball and football, NCAA basketball tourney, Bison football, and a few rodeos. I like following North Dakota people that make it “big time,” no matter what the sport is. But it is not very often I can sit and watch an entire game without thinking of something else I could be doing. Like reading, sweeping the floor, feeding a cow, watching a movie, or shaving. There are lots of options.
I did watch the Eagles game, because of Carson Wentz. And I did watch the Viking game, because that’s what people in North Dakota do. We like being hurt. And most of us grew up as Viking fans. We grew up cheering for Fran Tarkenton.  And worshipping Bud Grant. We watched Dave Osborne and Jimmy Kleinsasser as they were on the Viking roster. We learned to deal with disappointment.
Skol!!! Skol!!
Now, I know not everyone knows what that word means. In fact, I’m not sure anyone does. There is a tobacco chew called Skoal. I’ve tried it.  Not good. But Skol?
So I did a little research.
It seems that long ago, before there was football and stuff, the Vikings were real warriors. And they often were at war with someone or other.  A lot like Norwegians of today. Not the real Norwegians. Just the ones that came here.
Anyway, after they had defeated another tribe or country or whoever, they would behead the leader, and as a sign of respect, they would drink from his skull! If that is a sign of respect, I guess I’d rather not be respected. But that’s just me.
I’ve had Norwegian friends my entire life. I’ve many Norwegian relatives. We had a Norwegian exchange student live with us for a year. I’ve attended hockey games, football games, rodeos, and barn dances with Norwegians.
I’ve been in fights with Norwegians in the back alley. I’ve fought with them, and against them.
And not once. Not one single time did I see anyone beheaded and their skull used for a beer mug! Although one time we did drink a hearty toast to the homeland.
Dilly Dilly!