August 28, 2019



I’m not sure how this will go. I’m writing on a borrowed computer and sitting on a box. So if somewhere in the middle of this article, I drift off and don’t get it finished, so be it. I’m not very techy. If that is even a word.
I never was a real techy guy. When I was much, much younger my friends were a lot handier than I. They would talk about car stuff. They would talk about four-barrels and dual exhaust. They would talk rpms and gear ratios. I could drive a four-speed pickup or a 2-ton truck with a load of grain. And I wasn’t real good at that.
You heard about the guy who drove out of the grain elevator and forgot to put his hoist down? That was me. You heard about the guy that hit a washboardy spot on the gravel outside Berthold and rolled a car in Shelkey’s slew? Yup. That was me. You heard about the guy that raced someone down Main Street, in reverse mind you, and lost control and backed through the John Deere dealership. Yup. You guessed it. Now, not all of these incidents have to do with techy stuff, but they show the mentality of the operator.
I mean I didn’t even know pickles were made from cucumbers until I had been married for five years! I was like a lot of people are about their meat and potatoes. You just get them at the store.
Now one of the newest, I would call it a fad, is the burger that doesn’t have any meat in it. Some call it the beyond burger, or the impossible burger. It is favored by people who want to eat beef that doesn’t come from cattle. Now if that isn’t dumb, I’m not sure what is. They advertise that it tastes just like beef. But it is made in a petri dish. It has a list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Now, no human beings have really been tested of the long-term effects of eating something for years that humans have not existed on before. But I would imagine, that in a few years, we will find out that there are some issues that develop from this. I wouldn’t wish bad luck, or bad health on anyone, but...
So this is where technology is getting us. We are eating make believe food, visiting with make believe friends, playing make believe football on a TV  screen, and watching make believe reality shows on TV. I don’t watch them, but I have friends that do. Like the one where this gal makes out with all these guys for weeks, and then has to pick one of them for her husband. She will make someone a wonderful wife. Lol!
Me, I’m going to wrap this up, get on that old Massey tractor with no cab, or muffler for that matter. And rake hay. It does have air. At least this morning. A brisk 20 mph wind at 50 degrees. That is real air!
And when I am done today, I am throwing a genuine, ranch raised, ribeye steak on a grill. Cooking it medium rare, grabbing a cool beer that comes from farm raised grain, and enjoying the fruits of my labor.
I hope you do too. We need your help. I got through this. I am techy!