November 15, 2017



I know some of my readers are suffering through the same thing I am. I am starting to forget stuff. I used to forget simple things. Things like “take the garbage out” or “swing by and pick up a gallon of milk.” But now it has been getting worse.
I’ve always been poor at names. I just nod and say “Hi.” Especially if you run into someone who shouldn’t be there. Like if you see someone from Bismarck at the grocery store, or maybe a bar, in Dickinson.
But lately it has been getting worse.  
I forgot how to write. I can still type a little. And I can print a little. But I forgot how to write cursive. It just snuck up on me! And it hurt. It really hurt.
The news has carried a few stories about cursive writing lately. Some schools have quit teaching cursive writing. That bothered me.  I never was a very good writer. My handwriting always sucked. But I tried. And over the past 50 years I haven’t written much. Oh, I wrote a few love letters to Shirley when I was in Fort Leonardwood. Well, a couple letters anyway. But since then the only handwriting I have done was most likely on check blanks. So my bad handwriting has turned into poor printing.
Last week I was at the feed store and I was going to write a check for a ton of calf feed. And I had secretly decided I would rebel and start writing cursive. But I couldn’t write an F!  My mind was blank! I didn’t know F!
I stared at that check blank and a tear came to my eye. “I don’t know F!” The young lady looked at me strangely as I explained that they are not going to teach cursive writing anymore. And I can’t remember how to write the capital letter F. I challenged her to write it. She also struggled.
So I googled it. And in a few minutes I could kind of write it.
I went out to my pickup. The feed was loaded. I backed up, made a sharp left, and while writing the letter F in the dust on the dash of my pickup, I drove over 6 continuous fence panels that were stacked alongside where I had been parked. They cost about $200 a piece.
I paid for them with a check. And I printed it out.
Cursive writing is too expensive.