January 17, 2023


By Patrice Bumstead
General Manager of McKenzie County Media LLC
Farmer Editor

Over the past year there have been a lot of changes in the grand scheme of things. On a professional level one of the biggest changes has been becoming the editor of the Farmer; a position that I do not take lightly. Afterall, I have some big shoes to fill.
Creating a workspace that flows better for our office in order to produce the very best newspaper we can for our customers has been a high priority, which means moving desks around in order to create a more productive environment.
The line of communication between the Farmer and our readers has always been open. However, we are hoping that more people take advantage of those lines and reach out to us when things are happening in other areas of the county. Yes, our base of operations is Watford City, but our coverage area is much larger than those city limits. We would love to hear what is happening in Grassy Butte, Keene, Alexander and the other areas of McKenzie County.

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