February 7, 2023


By Patrice Bumstead
General Manager of McKenzie County Media LLC
Farmer Editor

This week as I begin to write to you I am parked bedside of my mom in the hospital. She is without a doubt the toughest, tiny lady I have ever known.
You see, a couple months ago her primary care physician here at MCHS detected “something of concern” through a routine physical and Thank God she did. I am convinced she saved my mother’s life!
After multiple doctor appointments, scans, consultations and more, we received the diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma right around Christmas. That “something” her care provider was worried about, turned out to be a three-centimeter, Grade 3, aggressive tumor in the upper right lobe of her lungs.
My mom is very fortunate that her cancer was detected as early as it was according to her oncologist and surgeon. Once the final test results came in, her medical team expedited her care plan, setting in motion a sequence of events that would take place rapidly.

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