May 16, 2023


By Patrice Bumstead
General Manager of McKenzie County Media LLC
Farmer Editor

Many already know that I am a U.S. Navy mom, and proud to be one. Both of my sons are in the Navy. However, I often razz them about being stationed on opposite sides of the country (because it’s difficult to visit two places at once). I digress.
My youngest son is over seas right now, so he could not be with us for Mother’s Day this year, but we still celebrated through modern technology.
Last week my oldest son came home for a visit. He has been on deployment since last July, so seeing his face and wrapping my arms around him, knowing that he is home, safe and doing well just made this momma’s heart full.
It has been amazing to have him home with us, even if it is only for a little while. It took about five seconds for him and his baby sister to start picking at each other. Suddenly, our home was filled with the laughter and noises from a time not so long ago.
It seemed to me that this year was different, probably because cancer almost stole my mom from me, but she and God proved to be tougher than cancer. And we celebrated with our traditional garden center trip and creating some curb appeal in the front yard. Growing up my mom had the biggest, most beautiful hosta garden I had ever seen, so it is always fun to create a tranquil space with her in my own yard. Plus, I am secretly hoping her green thumb rubs off on me somehow.
We celebrated life this year for Mother’s Day.

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