April 2, 2024


By Scott Hennen
Host of “What’s On Your Mind?” Radio Show
 heard on the Flag Family Network including KTGO 1090AM in Watford City, Williston and Tioga, North Dakota

Sometimes good people have really bad ideas. Sadly a committee of just 8 people, representing the North Dakota Republican party, have proposed an extreme resolution that is opposed by 99 percent of the pro life leaders across the nation. It would criminalize abortion. In recent days I have spoken with representatives of every credible North Dakota pro-life organizations. They are mortified that this resolution will be presented as “good pro-life policy” at this weekend’s Republican convention in Fargo.
Christopher Dodson, Co-Director, former Executive Director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference and a respected voice for thirty years on the abortion issue said “No major pro-life organization has ever supported punishing women who get abortions. That is not the pro-life movement and it certainly is not the pro-life movement that made North Dakota a sanctuary for life,” Dodson continued. “Rather than undermining the pro-life cause by criminalizing women, we should work on building a culture of life that is pro-woman and pro-child.”

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