January 11, 2023


By Scott Hennen
Host of “What’s On Your Mind?” Radio Show heard on KTGO-1090AM and KFYR-550AM
Co-owner of Flag Family Media and the McKenzie County Farmer

The White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre says President Joe Biden “has taken historic actions” at the border. I agree. Biden has taken historically horrible actions because of his willful intent of not securing the border. Does anyone, anywhere think any of this is an accident? This is insanity and it continues day after day. We’ll suffer the consequences of this assault on America for decades. It is an impeachable offense and Republicans should take prompt action.
The press secretary kicks into kindergarten spin mode when asked if the border is secure. If you go on to simply describe what is happening every day or report on the numbers put out by the Biden Administration’s Customs and Border Patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, she says it’s “misinformation!” She adds “we have to be very careful...on how we talk about this because if we talk about it in a way that is misinformation, then it helps the smugglers.” Deflect. Deny. It never ends.

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