September 6, 2022


By Scott Hennen
Co-owner - Flag Family Media,
Rapids Radio & Fieldstone Group

Where have all the Minnesota Twins fans gone? The Twins are having a good year. They are in the hunt for a 1st place position. I took in a game recently with some clients and everyone agreed the baseball on the field would normally draw bigger crowds. Is it a fear of being in downtown Minneapolis? The crime problem there isn’t a secret. And if fans don’t feel safe, they are not going to risk a car-jacking, smash and grab or a mugging to take in a baseball game. Or are our fans out of the habit after Covid lockdowns? If your routine was to take in 3-4 games a year and you couldn’t anymore, maybe you’re on to different past-times. Another theory is that the woke agenda of too many professional athletes has prompted a swath of fans to spend their entertainment dollars elsewhere. I’d say it’s a combination of all of those, but the most dangerous is the perception of feeling unsafe in Downtown Minneapolis.

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