September 5, 2023


By Scott Hennen
Host of “What’s On Your Mind?” Radio Show heard on KTGO-1090AM and KFYR-550AM
Co-owner of Flag Family Media and the McKenzie County Farmer

North Dakota is addicted to oil money. It’s our “sugar-daddy!” We literally have buckets of money from the bounty of our oil and gas industry. More than 50 percent of our tax revenue funds schools, roads, flood protection and so much more. Add in the tax revenue from lignite and ethanol production and you have a juggernaut of money for the government to distribute.
But there is a huge storm cloud coming to take down these industries and our government coffers. The culprit? The radical environmental, social and governance (ESG) movement that is infiltrating nearly every federal rule related to energy as well as banking, our stock market and more. Our Ag industry is a target as well.

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