October 11, 2022

2,000 students officially enrolled in MCSD1

Kristen Jones
Farmer Staff Writer

Less than a month into the 2022-2023 school year, McKenzie County School District No.1 (MCSD) passed the major milestone of having 2,000 students enrolled in classes.
“This is a huge milestone for our district, but even more for our community as a whole” Superintendent Dr. Steve Holen said.
MCSD is now in the top 10 school districts in North Dakota in terms of enrollment, and the growth isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.
“We are a small community, so for us to make this kind of milestone is huge in terms of our growth,” Holen explained.
There has been a shift from an ever rotating and changing school population to one that is more stable and consistent. There are less families moving away than the families that are coming. Even more importantly, there are more families making this area their permanent home.

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