April 1, 2009

A Blast from the Past with Badlands Gymnastics

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

If you’re ready for a blast from the past and some great entertainment, you won’t want to miss the 21st annual Badlands Gymnastics Club’s Night of Stars, which will be held at 6 p.m. on April 3 in the Watford City High School Gymnasium.
Gymnasts will perform to music from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s as they showcase their talents in the final performance of the year. This year’s show is entitled ‘Blast from the Past’ and as a special addition, former gymnasts will be showcased during the show.
“The first Night of Stars was held in 1988,” says Renae Lindley, head coach. “Several of our early gymnasts still live in the area, so we thought it would be fun to bring them back during our Blast from the Past show.”
The Badlands Gymnastics Club, originally called the Watford City Twisters, began in 1984 under the direction of Coach Peggy Thom. The club met in the lower level of McKenzie County Bank until moving to the McKenzie County Fairgrounds in 1991.
“Gymnastics provides a great opportunity for young people in our community to learn flexibility, coordination, socialization and teamwork,” comments Lynn Haugeberg, Badlands Gymnastics Club secretary. “This program instills in young people the importance of exercise in relation to their physical and emotional well-being. It also provides a unique opportunity to make new friends while having fun.”
The Badlands Gymnastics Club begins students in its Tiny Tots program at the age of three with Intermediate and Advanced programs for students up to age 18. This year the club has 47 active gymnasts ranging in age from three to 14.
The show will consist of routines from the Tiny Tots, Beginners/Intermediates and the Advanced/Show Team as well as some individual performances. There will also be performances from the club’s two competing gymnasts. Brittany Wilson and Ricki Lindley have been attending USGA meets throughout the year and have both qualified for the state meet.
“The show will be packed with entertainment,” adds Lindley. “The 25 Tiny Tots will present a little dance that is sure to be fun for everyone to watch, and the more advanced students will amaze the audience with all of their new skills.”
The Advanced group has 19 students who also make up the Badlands Gymnastics Show Team. Performing in front of an audience is nothing new to these students, but picking their music and choreographing their routine adds to the excitement during the Night of Stars.
“This has been an especially fun year for our Show Team,” says Lindley. “After losing all of our Show Team equipment and thinking there wouldn’t be any performances, the students are excited to give back to the community for making their season possible.”
The Badlands Gymnastics Club started their year out with lots of uncertainty due to the theft of the Club’s Show Team trailer and equipment. But with help from local law enforcement and donations from the community, the club was able to purchase new equipment which allowed for several performances throughout the year.
“The Badlands Gymnastics Club is very grateful to the community for its overwhelming generosity,” says Haugeberg. “With the generous donations, the club was able to replace the stolen equipment and due to the efforts of local law enforcement the trailer was returned. Without the community’s help the club would not have been able to perform throughout the year.”
A Blast from the Past with the Badlands Gymnastics is sure to bring back memories through an entertaining exhibit of young talent.
Tickets are available at the door and are priced as follows: Adults, $5; students, $3; under four, free; family, $15.